Our solution for investment management helps users to keep all the relevant information in one place and easily accessible. You are able to form different kind of key performance indicators to your project and follow them through customized dashboards. With our solution, you will never have to stress for the missing information or lack of information based knowledge in your project.

Investment management

  • Control all the relevant information through one solution

  • Get the visual image of the current situation of your project

  • No more lack of information shattered to different places


  • Follow the progress through tailored key performance indicators

  • Real-time calculations from the expenses

  • All the information in one solution, no need to use multiple applications at the same time

  • Clear image of the progress through customized dashboard view

Plan, execute and repeat

  • Create new projects based on the information from the previous ones

  • Control smaller and larger projects at the same time with clear visibility

  • Save time and energy by having all the relevant information documented and accessed for future

Benefits from different perspectives

Project Manager's

  • Clear image of all the projects, individually or as a group

  • Tailored checklists to follow the progress of your project.

  • Visual calculations from the current situation of the expenses in a project

Consultants and other individuals

  • Easy to use software to
    document expenses and information regarding the project.

  • All information in one place and
    easily accessed 24/7

  • Helps to establish new projects based on the information stored from the previous ones.


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