Complete life-cycle management

Successful construction project and maintenance require a flow of information across the whole network.


Investment & project management. Client, construction consultant, planner, builder.


100% data transfer. Flow of information between the actors involved in project management.

Use & Maintenance

Life cycle information. Property management, space specialist, users, builder/modifications.

Why Modelspace?

Data is easy to maintain and update. Information in the visual model is collected and dynamic. Data is open and transparent.

Verifiable data history supports decision making. Managing project scope and keeping on budget.

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No more delays

Our platform ensures, that during all of the planning stages, every necessary task is taken care of in the right way, and at the right time.

Easy access

Regardless of the place or format, all of the parties that are involved in the project have access to the latest information in one place.

Decisions based on information

The most efficient platform to push for transparency and re-applicability of decision-making with the help of preserved decision history logs.

Stay in budget

Modelspace is the best-in-class tool for setting the scope of a project and thus staying on the pre-defined budget.

Manage multiple projects simultaneously

The best platform for project management to receive full image concerning the current situation of an individual project or a portfolio of different projects

Investment planning

All of the investment planning in one place to effectively manage investments and budgeting in the construction or renovation projects.

Cooperation model and client benefits

Investment Management

Investment proposals and portfolio management. Investment management as part of high-quality planning.


Manage information and lead on a task-specific basis. Sharing information enhances leadership.

Building Design

Data and content is collected in one place. Ensuring user orientation.

Use & Maintenance

Data can also be used during the maintenance phase.

Modelspace Modules

Updating the technical and operational requirements of spaces in facilities to the next level

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