With our solution you are able to control all the tasks of the project through one platform. You can create tasks to different members of the project and create project plans from the task lists generated.

You are able to share documents and communicate different phases of the project and visualize the progress through reports and dashboards.

Project Management

  • Manage the project schedule, scope and cost. Modelspace is suitable for the project management of both new and renovation construction projects.

  • Modelspace will help you set goals and tasks needed to meet the project deliverables.

  • Real-time monitoring is possible.

  • Project monitoring can also be applied to sub projects.

Task Management

  • You can create organization-specific processes and to-do lists.

  • Project processes maintain a consistent quality, from one project to another.

  • Document retrieval and effective implementation relates to the documentation tasks.

  • Modelspace provides information about the project and the change history throughout the duration of the project.

BIM Projects

  • You can create BIM project instructions, for instance, in accordance with the agreed General/National BIM Requirements.

  • Modelspace will help you set and achieve high quality goals for the most effective use of the building information model throughout its lifecycle.


From a Project Manager's Perspective

  • All of the information is in one place and always up-to-date. Modelspace makes it simple and efficient to relay real-time project information and contract deliverables between the various parties.

  • I can obtain pre-made project phase / task lists to aid in planning project deliverables and monitoring through to completion.

  • I can modify project-to-project deliverables and make changes to improve the business operations that can be transferred as model solutions for use in the later projects.

From a Organization/
Company's Perspective

  • I get the operational process documented and continually improved.

  • I get a ready template from processes and tasks for the next similar project.

  • I am able to calculate the number of hours worked and schedule comparisons between projects for business development purposes.


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