Our solution has been developed to answer the technical and functional demands in space management for facilities. With this solution the essential information is under platform, easily modified and accessible.

Different co-operates can make modifications and communicate during the project easily through the platform. The largest benefit of the solution is created when it is being used in demanding projects where a significant amount of information is processed through multiple individuals.


From a Project Manager's Perspective

  • I can easily create project definitions and requirements as input data.

  • I can compare the real time status of the results and can manage costs.

  • In addition to the planning material I can get supporting data, including various types of cost calculations, to lend decision-making support.

From a Planner's Perspective

  • I get a clear definition and the initial data to support and enhance the plan.

  • I can check the status of my plan and how it fulfills the project requirements, and I can make the comparison of the IFC model on the basis of information collected.

  • Changes are updated easily and come directly from the model.


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