Modelspace fits well to manage the relevant information of any project in its entirety. The program has it's own file section where all of the task related information is being saved. As an example it includes all of the important starting information that might require later viewing. The Modelspace file- section can also be used as a separate information management location with restricted access to the rest of the project content. In this use-case Modelspace is also perfectly sufficient to be used as an Extranet- service.  


  • Secure and trustworthy information management.

  • Customer specific file structure can be created if needed.

  • Project Cards.

  • User by user notifications of content changes in various project files.

  • File revisions in a customer-required way.

  • Addition of metadata to the required files.

  • Easy to use search function based on the metadata input.

  • Control check and investigation services.

  • Automatic image viewer program.

  • As an additional service: Wide scale content and information model migrations at once.

  • As an additional service: Customer by customer interface adjustment according to customer's brand image (logo and color palette).

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