Information Management

What does Information Management solve?

With Information Management, we make sure that your projects move forward as planned and that the information is visible for every individual. We transform the complicated process to a simple one.

Information manager

Information Management keeps the project in control

With Information Management, we make sure that the project is in control and the determined schedule is followed.

Information Management combines our strong experience in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and project management in large and demanding construction projects.

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How do we accomplish this?

Scanning and training

Core: Information Management starts by familiarizing with the project and determining the process. Information Manager takes care of the project and the tasks involved in it. In the beginning phases, different training sessions are organized.


We make sure that each individual is supported, by offering tailor training sessions based on the needs of the customer organization. We help in different problematic situations during the project and guide the using of different tools that we provide. This ensures the effectiveness of the project.

Ensuring success of the project

We make sure that everything planned and determined is executed effectively. We are the filter between the different individuals involved in the project and take care of the whole ensemble. This is to make the process as easy as possible for the end-customer.

Large scale project management

Information Management is a service that enables the customer to focus their attention to the core part of their work. Information manager takes care of the process and ensures that everything will go as planned.

It is a complete service that enables the customer to create more successful projects and adapt new tools and methods as a part of their processes. We make sure that your projects are successful and that you can create multiple new success stories after another.

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