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Gravicon is creating an international network of partners and experts. Our goal is to engage construction professionals, inspire them with what technology can do today to transform the way they manage their construction projects, and help them digitize their processes.

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Complete life-cycle management with Modelspace 

Modelspace is a SaaS solution for managing projects and operations in demanding construction projects, offering the opportunity for organizations to take leaps towards digitalization in their processes and ensuring the success of the projects.

“Modelspace is so multi-comprehensive that almost half of our organization is using it.”

Niko Sundell, Construction Manager, Senate Properties

Why Become Our Partner?

By partnering with Gravicon, you join a dynamic and growing Finnish technology company with strong BIM expertise and a wide network in the building industry.

Expansion of your actual services by adding new and advanced information management solutions to your market

Strengthening of your existing customer relations

Gaining new customer relationships

Creating a new revenue streams for your business

Empowering digital construction professionals

To get started, please contact our team to introduce your company

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Managing Director
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