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Modelspace is a SaaS solution for managing construction projects and operations. Use it to manage your projects from drafts to maintenance phase with true data. With Modelspace you get the building you ordered and can manage hundreds of projects at once.

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"The more complex the project is, the more you need Modelspace"

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Modelspace is an information management software, which boosts all phases of construction projects:

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Improve productivity

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Save time

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Polish design outcomes

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Cut delays

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Make better decisions

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Less messing around and less frustration


"Are you ready to progress to the next era?"

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"Modelspace removes the pain when managing space information. Information is collected to one platform, and its easily foundable and modifiable."
Timo Seppälä, Project manager
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"This solution is so comprehensive, that it is an essential tool for almost half of the professionals in our organisation."
Niko Sundell, Construction Project Manager
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"Modelspace is a natural part in the life-cycle and brings benefits in different phases."
Joonas Rantala, Real Estate Engineer
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One solution, three different modules

Modelspace is divided into three different modules: Rooms, Tasks and Projects. These three modules operate under the Modelspace platform and are solving different problems during the construction projects and the phases of them.

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Updating the technical and operational requirements of spaces in facilities from the planning stage to the maintenance phase of the building project.
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When you want to improve the quality of your properties.
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Manage large building projects and individual tasks involved through one platform. Information is visible for everyone.
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When your construction process needs a boost.
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Control your project investments and liquidity analysis through one platform. No more unexpected expenses in your building projects.
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When you want a clearer overall view of your projects.

Overall solution for project and property information

"This is life-cycle information management in practice"

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Modelspace combines information from investments and construction to fulfill the requirements of operation and management. All data is stored in the cloud, so it is always accessibe.

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