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Senate Properties implemented successfully IWMS360° solution that combines multiple products under one complete portfolio. Construction Project Manager Niko Sundell tells in his interview how Modelspace helps in controlling the vast amounts of information in the construction projects.


Senate Properties implemented successfully IWMS360° solution that combines multiple products under one complete portfolio.

Senate Properties is an organization owned by the Finnish government. It takes care of building, maintaining, renting and selling government properties. This includes for example facilities of Finnish Defence Forces, police and ministries. Senate has a wide catalogue of different facilities domestically; their operations are divided regionally to different units that take care of the maintenance of these facilities.

For this case we interviewed the construction manager of Senate Properties, Niko Sundell. He is responsible for multiple investment projects that are in the construction phase.

No more bits and pieces of information in multiple places

I think the need for improving the current situation came from our behalf. As the demand is growing fast, we saw that our current tools were not enough to answer this rising demand. We had multiple different solutions trying to solve our investment planning and project management tasks, with these solutions it was very hard to keep the large image on display for everyone.

We frequently had situations where the same thing was done multiple times for nothing, just because the information was not transferring internally sufficiently enough. Using multiple software solutions and educating our personnel to use them was creating heavy workloads and the need for integrating these different solutions under one complete solution was very high from our behalf.

National Museum, Senate Properties

Solution to help over 200 professionals

Our main group for IWMS360° is our construction and maintenance professionals. From these professionals I would like to separately mention especially our construction managers, to them this is an everyday tool. Other relevant users are investment managers and management representatives, who are following the progress and reporting of our projects.

The IWMS360° solution is so multi comprehensive that almost half of our organization is using it. As mentioned before, some of them are using it on a daily basis, this is of course depending on the time period and the nature of the project.

The implementation process got started quickly and with the efficient start we have been able to progress this from our behalf. Before educating our personnel, they had the opportunity to test and use the solution. After they got familiarized with the solution, different educational events were organized regionally.

The most relevant testing was done when the solution was acquired, but of course we are aware that product development is an on-going process. In the near future when we are able to integrate this solution throughout our organization, I think new innovations and ideas how to develop the solution will arise. The response from our professionals has been positive. This is always a good thing, keeping in mind that implementation of a new solution is not always the easiest thing to do.  

Increased transparency internally

With IWMS360° we were able to increase the communication between different operatives in our projects, for example between the construction consultant and our professionals. Before this solution, they were mainly working on their own parts of the projects individually behind closed doors. Now with the help of IWMS360° the information flows are more transparent.

Other example of this is that previously the information was coming through the consultant, now everyone is able to see and follow it. Transparency in these dimensions was not possible before IWMS360°.

The full benefit of this solution is demonstrated especially through our upcoming projects; the earlier we are able to use this solution, the more we will benefit from it. The offering for different SaaS solutions in the construction industry is rather niche, this in mind I am very satisfied that we were able to find a solution that answered to our demand perfectly. I would recommend IWMS360° for every organization that has different kind of facilities and information is produced from multiple sources, for example cities and government-owned organizations.

Supreme Court, Senate Properties, Photo: Jari Härkönen

Senate Properties in a nutshell

Established in 1995

Over 400 employees (2020) 

9000 owned facilities (2020) 

5,9 million owned square meters (2020)

4,2 billion dollars of real estate value (2020) 

Revenue of 638 million euros (2019) 

What is IWMS360°? 

IWMS360° is a portfolio solution that combines ScudoPro and Modelspace to a one all-in-one solution for investment and project management. With the solution you are able to follow the information flows of your investments, create knowledge-based dashboards and help the transparency of different processes internally and externally between different participants. The solution also provides surfaces to external platforms for ERP, BIM and HR.

Photos: Senate Properties (Jussi Tiainen), National Museum (Kansallismuseo), Supreme Court (Jari Härkönen)

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