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Keep your projects under control

A well led project decreases mishaps, saves money and keeps the customer satisfied. But a busy schedule is the worst enemy of good information management.

Modelspace Tasks is a daily tool for consturction project managers. With it you will keep everyone in the organization up-to-date about the tasks and phases of a project.

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"Accessible information is utilized information."

Lessen your workload

"With Modelspace I can utilize my time better and I know which tasks make the project go onwards."

See, what other project members are doing right now and find clear logs of made decisions. All from one platform.

Keep project data up-to-date. Message about the project straight to other team members and link suitable tasks and files to your messages.

Focus on your designs, and use less time on administrative tasks.


Benefits for Project leads

"Managing hundreds of tasks with an excel sheat is no walk in a park - I prefer Modelspace."

Manage your projects from one platform and get a real time picture of progress

Make sure, that the given tasks are not forgotten. Write down your decisions and tasks, and see how they are completed.

Project based plans and task lists are easily modifiable and you can create new projects based on them. Experts from Gravicon will guide you along the way.


Benefits for Organizations

"The knowledge gained from past projects is retained and we can improve our business based on that knowledge."

Visualize your process with Modelspace and quarantee the quality of your process.

Imporve your process, embrace best practices and utilize standards - all in one platform.

Launch your new strategy: lead your project with tasks, so that your processes transform into concrete tasks and action

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“With Modelspace, we are able to monitor that tasks are executed on time. With a large project like ours, successful information management plays a key role in succeeding.”
Miikka Gröndahl, Project Manager
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Benefits of digital age

"The more complex your project is, the more you need Modelspace."

Task controlled approach

Turn your project into task controlled ones, manage huge amount of tasks and see a real-time status of your projects with Gantt-charts and reports. Write down your tasks and decisions, and Modelspace automatically forwards them to the right individuals. Thus no task is forgotten. All tasks are assigned to users, have clear content and deadlines - and all of this information is transparent to the whole team.

Keep it real (information that is)

Because all the team members use the same software, the information is kept up-to-date and can be trusted. Uniform data keeps the tasks clear and transparency of actions decrease the hazzle in a project. Link documents to tasks to further eliminate the "broken phone".

Transform data into information

Because all information is database driven, not document driven, Modelspace can create documents for you without manual labour. Modelspaces database can be linked to other softwares, and thus Gravicon can create just the right software ecosystem for you.

Tasks solution on a laptop

Unique features

"All the necessary information behind a single login"

Link and Save

Projects are always on a tight schedule - that's why you should link tasks and milestones in advance. Link documents, space information, other tasks and comments to your tasks. Modelspace is especially made for the needs of construction industry.

The best process for you

Easen, foresee and improve. Boost your business with ready-made task-lists and processes. Views, process, key information - you can customize everything to fit your needs.

Decisions based on information

Who did what - and when? Modelspace keeps track of all changes. Thus no information is lost, even when the project gets completed or original files get lost. You can access all the information anywhere, anytime.

Ready to print

Decrease the time spent at your keyboard, when you use Modelspaces ready-made document templates. Information stored in databases is easily convertible to documents. Now you can focus on management - and not on creating bulk documents.

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"Experience does not prevent accidents - quite the contrary.Routines generate carelesness, which leads to mistakes. Check-lists standardize activities, decrease working from memory and prevent mistakes. That is why choosing Modelspace Tasks is a strategic choise."
Juho Vuolteenaho, Product Manager, Modelspace Tasks

Overall solution for project and asset information

"Accessibility of information is foundational"

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Modelspace Tasks is a part of a larger software family. Modelspace combines information from investments and construction to fulfill the requirements of operation and management. All data is stored in the cloud, so it is always accessibe.

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