Our solution allows you to control all the tasks of the project through one platform. You can create tasks for different users and establish project plans from each tasks list. Sharing documents, communicating different phases and visualizing projects is easy through customizable reports and dashboards.

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Control your projects through tasks

Modelspace solves challenges with multiple diversities and tools for different perspectives. The solution provides assets for establishing efficient project management, but also offering the opportunity to monitor the smaller, task related processes and ensure the success of them more effectively. 

Project monitoring

Manage the project schedule, its scope and cost smoothly. Modelspace Tasks is perfect for both new and renovation construction projects.

Task monitoring will help you and your team to set goals and tasks needed to meet the project deliverables.

It offers real-time monitoring capabilities. 
Project monitoring can also be applied to sub-projects

Task management

You can create organization-specific processes and to-do lists.

Project processes maintain a consistent quality, from one project to another.

Easy and fast document retrieval and effective implementation related to documentation tasks.

Modelspace project management provides all of the information about the project and its change history throughout the duration of the project.

“With Modelspace, we are able to monitor that tasks are executed on time. With a large project like ours, successful information management plays a key role in succeeding.”

Miikka Gröndahl, Project Manager

Benefits for the project manager

Real-time project information and contract deliverables between the different stakeholders.

Possibility to obtain pre-made task lists to aid in planning project deliverables and monitoring them until completion.

Modify project-to-project deliverables easily and make changes to improve the business operations that can be transferred and used as templates solutions for later projects.

Benefits for the organization

Operational process is documented and continually improved

Possibility to copy and re-utilize templates for your next similar project.

Calculate the hours worked and schedule comparisons between projects for business development purposes.

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