Space is the most important part in a building.

The biggest investment error is a room, that does not match its purpose.

Modelspace is the best tool for transparent collaborative design. With it, you can manage the room data and share information. It is 250% faster than the tools you are currently using. It opens building plans in just 4 clicks.

Modelspace enables you to make a functional and user-centered building. The more complex your project is, the more you need Modelspace.

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Plan and manage spaces with Modelspace

Our solution is being used in multiple large construction projects in Finland. Modelspace Rooms is a tool for organizations that want to establish demanding construction projects that involve diverse spaces in large facilities.

Establish successful space planning and management

Different individuals can make modifications and communicate during the project through the platform effortlessly, ensuring the efficient life-cycle of the project.

Organizations get the best out of the solution when Modelspace Is used in complex building projects where a significant amount of information is processed and where many individuals are involved.

Our solution is an everyday tool for project managers and planning coordinators, who are involved in construction projects. Helping them to establish user-centric spaces in complex facilities that involve large amounts of information.

“Users of the facility benefit from every aspect of information that is generated from the spaces in them. Nothing goes to waste”

ukka Koskinen, Facility Manager, Navitas Business Services.

Benefits for the project managers

Goals and requirements of spaces in the facilities are easily implemented and monitored

Real time status of different tasks are visible and actions-based on the current situation can be executed. 

Planning materials and supporting data are easily accessed, for decision-making and when establishing a new project

Benefits for the planning coordinators

Information about the individual spaces and their combinations are visible; decisions are data-driven.

Transparent comparison between the projects and the status of them

Changes can be made easily and they are directly visible in the model established in Modelspace.

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