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"Room is the most important part of the building"

- Tomi Henttinen, Chief Innovation Officer, Gravicon

The worst investment is for a room, that does not match its purpose.

Modelspace is the best software for transparent collaborative building design. When using Modelspace you will get a functioning user-centered building.

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"Accessible information is utilized information."

Manage the assets you build

Rooms that work, guarantee you, that the users of your building are satisfied. Manage your construction project, gather information and create added value for your buildings. When you know exactly, what your buildings withhold, then you know what business posibilities they offer. Only with information management you can achieve greater efficieny.

Modelspace Rooms gathers the space information of your buildings in a unique way. You have a well working company, but do you know exactly what your buildings are capable of?


Keep the spaces under control

A clear software environment nudges your project members to act they way you instructed them.

Centralizing information and communication onto the same platform decreases hazzle and work load for all parties. Linking information into one platform makes tracking project status easy and creates uniform reports for you.

Modelspace helps you to make cost savings from the right place: recognize the critical needs, which cannot be cut.

Bad software frustrate and slow down work. Modelspace Rooms speeds up work and clarifies design responsibilities. You can be on schedule and your costs are kept in line. These saved resources you can use to improve the quality of your designs.


Lessen your workload

Does it bother you, that all the projects are expanding day after day? An easy-to-use software environment helps you work, when all the necessary information is found in one place without hazzle.

You will save time from unnecessary searches and you can use your working time in what really matters: designing.

Modelspace Rooms is the go-to-platform for all your space infromation related needs.

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“Users of the facility benefit from every aspect of information that is generated from the spaces in them. Nothing goes to waste”
Jukka Koskinen, Facility Manager, Navitas Business Services.
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Benefits of digital age

"The more complex your project is, the more you need Modelspace."

Control construction

The right tools empower the right processes. By controlling space information you will get the best possible building.Modelspace is made specifially for construction business, and is developed by construction business professionals.

Let everyone access information

All parties get a controlled access to the same information. All the information is openable with 5 or less clicks. One does not need industry spesific education to use the software. This enables all parties to improve your projects on the same controllable platform.

Transform data into information

Instead of managing documents utilize database driven information, so that you save time and money.

With Modelspace you can update your space information

over 250% faster

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Unique features

"All the necessary information behind a single login"

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Minimal window surfing

Stop the hunt for the right window. Modelspace Rooms gathers all the information you need into a single view, so you don't have to switch windows - instead you can focus on quality and content.

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The best process for you

Specify, manage and maintain. Boost your business with new tools. Views, process, room hierarchies - you can customize everything to fit your needs.

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Decisions based on information

Who did what - and when? Modelspace keeps track of all changes. Thus no information is lost, and information is usable even after the project is completed. You can access all the information anywhere, anytime, so that your decisions are based on facts.

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Ready to print

Decrease the time spent at your keyboard, when you use Modelspaces ready-made document templates. Information stored in databases is easily convertible to documents. Now you can focus on management - and not on creating bulk documents.

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"Learn how to improve your BIM processes"

The worst investment is for a room, that does not match its purpose.

Modelspace is the best software for transparent collaborative building design. When using Modelspace you will get a functioning user-centered building.

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Overall solution for project and asset information

"Accessibility of information is foundational"

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Modelspace Rooms is a part of a larger software family. Modelspace combines information from investments and construction to fulfill the requirements of operation and management. All data is stored in the cloud, so it is always accessibe.

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