BIM Manager

BIM Manager ensures the success of the planning process

Building information modelling has established the position of being a standard procedure in construction projects. We are one of the leading experts in this area Finland.

With BIM Manager, you are able to ensure the quality of your data-based building information models

What is the role of BIM-models in the construction projects?

With BIM-models, you are able to produce more accurate image about your project. The models are easy to transfer trough different individuals and the possible modifications are easily noticeable in the planning phase. This creates time and cost savings for the projects.

“It is better to solve the problems in the drawing table, before it is too late”

Sami Mikonheimo, Architect, Team Manager

What kind of problems does a BIM-manager solve?

Optimizing the BIM-models for the time schedule of the project

Takes care of the requirements concerning the information models

Establishes the plan for the BIM-models

Monitors the tasks and the schedules

Organizes the coordination meetings, where the information models are examined and developed

Combines different planning models under one model and takes care of the quality of them

What is Building Information Model?

Building Information Model (BIM) is a digital, information based construction plan. It is widely known and has become a standard in demanding construction projects.

It is based on the basic concept of a data model, where the elements and their connections are visible and can be examined through live illustrations

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