Modelspace helps keeping all the relevant information in one place. The information is easily accessed and visible for everyone. Users can create different kinds of key performance indicators for their projects and follow the progress through customized dashboards. With Modelspace Projects solution, you will never have to stress about information being lost or not transparent.

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Portfolio management under one solution

Construction projects are usually expensive and massive amounts of information is being processed. The overall budgets and schedules are difficult to sustain and monitor. Projects are usually missing relevant information due to the scattered information across different platforms.

Our solution is used by organizations who have multiple projects active at the same time and need a essential tool to handle all the information through combining it under one platform.

Manage your project investments

Project management

Control all of your projects through one platform
Manage your project-related investments and budgets smoothly
Customizable dashboards showing current figures 


Follow the progress through tailored key performance indicators (KPI)
Expenses calculations in real-time
Data-driven decision making capabilities

Plan, execute and repeat

Create new projects based on existing information easily
Compare different projects seamlessly 
Have all the relevant information documented and accessible promptly. 
“The solution is so comprehensive that it is being used by over half of our facility, which means over 200 professionals.”

Niko Sundell, Construction Manager, Senate Properties

Project Manager Perspective

Clear image of all the projects, individually or as a group

Tailored checklists to follow the progress of your project

Visual calculations from the current situation of the expenses in a project

Consultants and other individuals

Easy to use software to document expenses and information regarding the project.

All information in one place and easily accessed 24/7

Possibility for establishing new projects based on the information stored from the previous ones

Easy to integrate

Investment Planning solution has been integrated with multiple other solutions successfully.

For example, it is a part of the IWMS360 portfolio, that combines multiple softwares under one solution.

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