BIM Management

What kind of problems does BIM Management solve?

BIM Management helps to define the overall scope and quality of the data models. This is established with the customer. Our professional taking care of the BIM Management takes care of the training and guiding of the individuals participating to the project, also monitoring that the goals determined in the beginning are accomplished.

Training and guiding begins before the BIM Management process starts. Our professional taking care of the process will organize a meeting where the goals, rules and list of actions are established.

BIM Management takes care of the quality

When planning the operational phase the quality checks are done more actively. Before forwarding the final data models of the building, the final examination is executed. Our professional taking care of the BIM Management will ensure that the data models meet the goals that were set in the beginning of the co-operation.

This happens when the data models are examined actively. Before the projects continue, the quality of the data models are ensured and the current situation is reported to the customer. Content of the report is examined if necessary before starting the next phase in the project.

“Quality, expenses, schedule. Building information models solve these problems.”

Tomi Henttinen, Chief Innovation Officer, BIM pioneer

Focusing to the wider perspective

BIM Management focuses more on the information content of the models and that the set goals are met.

Our professional taking care of the BIM Management will examine the models from wide perspective, from a bigger picture. It does not focus as much on the individual models and the connections of them.

Why BIM Management is useful?

In every BIM project, the overall plan is created where different goals are set. The BIM plan is created by the BIM Manager, construction consultant and the planners, based on the goals that were established through BIM Management.

BIM Management takes care of the quality of the data models, ensuring the success of the construction project.

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