What kind of problems does BIM Management solve?

Using BIM models is obivous today in costruction industry. But why do you need them?

BIM Management supports the building asset owners, who want the best out of their information models. We will define the best quality level together with the client. BIM Management offers designers the goals and standards, divides responsibilities between parties and oversees the whole modelling process. The client will get up-to-standard models, which gives him tangible benefits.

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BIM Management takes care of the quality

"Quality leads to savings"

BIM Management helps to define the overall scope and quality of the data models. This is established with the customer. Our professional taking  care of the BIM Management takes care of the training and guiding of the  individuals participating to the project, also monitoring that the  goals determined in the beginning are accomplished.

Training and  guiding begins before the BIM Management process starts. Our  professional taking care of the process will organize a meeting where  the goals, rules and list of actions are established.

Quality management happens when the data models are examined actively. Before the projects  continue, the quality of the data models are ensured and the current  situation is reported to the customer. Content of the report is examined  if necessary before starting the next phase in the project.

When planning the operational phase the quality checks are done more actively. Before forwarding the final data models of the building, the  final examination is executed. Our professional taking care of the BIM  Management will ensure that the data models meet the goals that were set  in the beginning of the co-operation.

“Users of the facility benefit from every aspect of information that is generated from the spaces in them. Nothing goes to waste”
Tomi Henttinen, Chief Innovation Officer, BIM pioneer

Why BIM Management is beneficial?

"Decrease the amount of mistakes"

AIM BIM school model
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You need great models to utilize information through the whole life-cycle of a building. BIM Management quarantees a good model.

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Maintenance work is done faster in buildings with good models.

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Future renovating needs are spotted quicker and thus are cheaper to do.

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Models can be used as groundwork for Digital Twins, which offer you cheaper upkeep costs and better quality facilites in your buildings.

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BIM Management offers a clear division of tasks, which clarifies the tasks and responsibilities of designers.

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Well made models lead to less mistakes and costs at the construction site.

"BIM Management simplifies the whole project and its phases, when every party does not act in their own different ways. Now all the parties felt that the project was being managed."
Marko Väätäinen, Constructor, Kuopio Facility Management

BIM Management within a larger information lead construction

"We are here to help the buyer"

Structural model

BIM Management defines the BIM goals of a project and oversees, that set goals are met. He does not model himself nor collision inspections. For this service we offer BIM Manager consultants.

If the client needs someone to oversee multiple projects and the fulfilment of BIM goals, she should look into our Information Management service.

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