Space configuration and management

  • All space requirements gathering and documenting the project, as well as monitoring their implementation.

  • The latest information is always readily available, and the change history is reviewed.

  • You can implement the space and room card. This information also serves as plan input data.

  • Management of requirements on the basis of different plans.

Intelligent Space Management Program

  • You'll be able to implement the building information model and the space program quickly, and can compare the BIM and the space program directly with each other.

  • The Building Information Model may be used as a foundation for creating the space program ie: as an inventory model.

  • You can compare the effects of different space planning solutions.

  • IFC format, coming from different programs, can be utilized in future BIM models for facility management.

Area Based Cost Management

  • You will get continual BIM-based cost estimation on the basis of building area, directly to the project.

  • You can generate a square-metre based cost for different types of facilities.

  • In addition, there is an internal cost control, including the IFC model surface area comparison, cost development and planning implementation monitoring.


From a Project Manager's Perspective

  • I can easily create project definitions and requirements as input data.

  • I can compare the real time status of the results and can manage costs.

  • In addition to the planning material I can get supporting data, including various types of cost calculations, to lend decision-making support.

From a Planner's Perspective

  • I get a clear definition and the initial data to support and enhance the plan.

  • I can check the status of my plan and how it fulfills the project requirements, and I can make the comparison of the IFC model on the basis of information collected.

  • Changes are updated easily and come directly from the model.

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