Complete life-cycle tool for construction projects

Modelspace is a SaaS solution for managing projects and operations in demanding construction projects, offering the opportunity for organizations to take leaps towards digitalization in their processes and ensuring the success of the projects.

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Why Modelspace?

Modelspace offers verifiable data history and supports decision making for every individual involved in the project. Managing project scope and keeping on budget is easy and upcoming projects are easy to generate, based on the history information gathered from the previous, similar projects. 

Thanks to Modelspace data is easy to maintain and to update while information is visible and it can be modified, based on the user preferences. Modelspace makes data transparent and easy-to-find, ensuring that every decision is based on accurate information. 

“With Modelspace, the necessary information regarding the construction project is easily accessed through on platform and decisions can be made based on real-time information”

Tomi Henttinen, Chief Innovation Officer, BIM pioneer

One solution, three different modules

Modelspace is divided into three different modules; Space Management, Project Management and Investment Planning. These three modules operate under the Modelspace platform and are solving different problems during the construction projects and the phases of them.

Updating the technical and operational requirements of spaces in facilities from the planning stage to the maintenance phase of the building project.
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Manage large building projects and individual tasks involved through one platform. Information is visible for everyone.
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Control your project investments and liquidity analysis through one platform. No more unexpected expenses in your building projects.
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Complete life-cycle management with Modelspace 

Successful construction projects and maintenance require a flow of information across the whole network.

With our solution, you are able to monitor, develop and succeed in your construction projects, even in the most complex ones.

Use and maintenance


When the construction project is being planned, information is gathered, participants are involved and projects are established. Different demands and goals are decided, creating the first steps during the life-cycle of the construction project. 


100% data transfer during the project, flow of information between the actors involved in project management, easy documentation and visualizations about the current situation of different tasks and projects. 

Use and maintenance 

After the construction phase is finished, there is a lot of information being processed during the usage and maintenance phase. This helps to make future projects and modifications, as the information has been processed through Modelspace and is easily used for upcoming projects as well.

Smooth project implementation

No more delays

Our platform ensures, that during all of the planning stages, every necessary task is taken care of in the right way, and at the right time.

Easy access

Regardless of the place or format, all of the parties that are involved in the project have access to the latest information in one place.

Decisions based on information

The most efficient platform to push for transparency and re-applicability of decision-making with the help of preserved decision history logs.

Build at scale

Stay in budget

Modelspace is the best-in-class tool for setting the scope of a project and thus staying on the pre-defined budget.

Manage multiple projects simultaneously

The best platform for project management to receive full image concerning the current situation of an individual project or a portfolio of different projects

New projects are easy to establish

With our solution, every aspect of information can be used for new projects and nothing goes to waste.

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