How precious is your minute?

How expensive are those minutes, that you spend looking for the right folder or email?

With Modelspace Projects you keep all the information associated with a project or its investments in one place, that is accessible for all. Create your own unique processes and metrics and track them where ever you are.

With Modelspace your organization does not need to stress about imperfect data about construction projects.

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"Accessible information is utilized information."

All the necessary information is finally found in one place!

Find all the project information from one platform. It is the same platform you use to document your own accomplishments, so your communication does not split into different channels. You don't need multiple platforms to crowd your work.

You find all the necessary information behind one password, and the platform is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Because you can trust the information, you save time and effort.

Utilize ready-made template documents, so you don't have to create documents from scratch. Modelspace fills out some parts of the document automatically for you.

With Modelspace you can see every morning, what is the status of your projects. This helps you to prioritize your day.

Get a solution, that gives you a clear picture of all your projects: past, present and planned ones. Compare the projects to one another and utilize the best methods and metrics for future projects.

Tailorized metrics and check-up lists give your more opportunities to manage the progress of projects.

See, what is happening at the site. Merge task management in the construction site to Modelspace, and you don't need to quess, what really is happening at the site.

Lighten your load. Modelspace will automatically send notes and memos of important milestones and tasks, so you don't have to do it.

Centralize all your information on one platform, which is sertifiable secure. Your information won't get lost and all information is comparable.

Utilize centralized information and easily compare your projects. This way you will find the best practices and cut out imperfections.

Follow other key figures, than only final costs, in your projects. Only when centralizing information you can compare task fullfillment times, monitor costs or compare the documents of different projects.

When all the information is on one platform, you boost productivity of designers, consultants and builders.

Because you can trust the information, you will save time and effort.

With Modelspace you can harmonize processes and the way your partners operate, because one solution encourages creation of one process.

"Modelspace is a tool for over half of our professionals, which means about 200 persons."

Benefits of digital age

"The more complex your project is, the more you need Modelspace."

Standardize processes

Bring all your projects under one software. This way you will standardize your processes, make your actions transparent and manage everything with one solution. Your new projects will improve, when you copy the most successful processes of your previous projects - and you will never guess, what will happen next.

Knowledge leads to better decisions

Follow the progress of your projects in real time, and save time spent on looking for information. See at a glance the status of all your projects. Use your own metrics and key figures, and be sure, that your decisions are based on better knowledge.

Transform data into information

Because all information is database driven, not document driven, Modelspace can create documents for you without manual labour. You can easily compare different projects and key figures - and you can share high quality information with interested parties.

Unique features

"All the necessary information behind a single login"

One password, one window

For once see all the information from one place: Modelspace brings together project information, status changes, communication, tasks and documents behind one password. Now your concentration does not stop, and project changes don't pass you by.

The best process for you

Easen, foresee and improve. Boost your business with ready-made task-lists and processes. Views, process, key information - you can customize everything to fit your needs.

Decisions based on information

Who did what - and when? Modelspace keeps track of all changes. Thus no information is lost, even when the project gets completed or original files get lost. You can access all the information anywhere, anytime.

Ready to print

Decrease the time spent at your keyboard, when you use Modelspaces ready-made document templates. Information stored in databases is easily convertible to documents. Now you can focus on management - and not on creating bulk documents.

Investment Planning solution has been integrated with multiple other solutions successfully.

For example, it is a part of the IWMS360 portfolio, that combines multiple softwares under one solution.

Overall solution for project and property/asset information

"This is life-cycle information management in practice"

Modelspace Projects is a part of a larger software family. Modelspace combines information from investments and construction to fulfil the requirements of operation and management. All data is stored in the cloud, so it is always accessible.

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